Officer Matt Morelli ends his life

The following article was in the news on May 26, 2008 the next day Chaplain Bill attended the funeral services as did hundred’s of police officers from all over New England officers came from as far away as Canada. Had the cause of death been as first reported, a senseless murder there would have been multiple times more officers present. It seemed as if the whole Norwalk police department was present, which spoke to me of the respect they had for this man Matthew Morelli,

As I was listening to the liturgy and eulogy (maybe because of the preacher in me) I thought of what I would say to bring Hope to these men and women who put there lives on the line daily, It would have started out, “You do not know what was going through his mind when he took his own life.” but the truth of the matter is that for the most part you do!

Because you are experiencing the same thoughts you are having the same type of nightmares, you have even thought of ending it all. But not in the same way you’ll do it right, so that your daughter will be able to collect. or that your wife/ husband and family will not know.

The thing is they do know. But you have blocked them out, because you are in charge. You know what you are doing. You can handle it on your own. Matt was depicted as the kind of man that “Nothing seemed to make him flinch. He was the strong, quiet type.”

A very wise man once said there is a time and a season for everything a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to rejoice a time to morn. here in lies a man that as duty called would stop someone from taking their life, yet he took his own.

Yes you do know what would cause an officer to take their life and because it is so close to home you didn’t come., or maybe you did and your thinking he had the right idea.

I for one could not take my life, Not because I’m stronger or weaker but because It is not mine to choose 32 years ago I gave my life to Jesus! It’s his life now,

Pontious Pilot (the judge) said to Jesus “I have the authority to take your life or to give it.” Jesus said to Pilot “You have no authority unless my Father give it. You are not taking my life I give my life, a ransom for ALL”

If you don’t have a life every thing seems to have fallen in on you, Jesus came so that you could have life, and have it in abundance. He also said I will make all things NEW. He said call unto me and I will answer Thee and show you great and mighty things that thou Knoweth not.

If your in Norwalk four years ago Pastor Bill trained 5 pastors who work as Chaplains for your department, They will listen and introduce you to Jesus.

If there is no Chaplain in your department Shield of Faith Ministries will help you get one but let us help you to get to know Jesus, call (860)564-7480  if you have a bible read Romans Chapter 10 Vrs. 9 and 10.


The Norwalk Police Department is considering suicide as a possible means of death for Matthew Morelli, the 38-year-old Norwalk police officer who was found dead Friday morning in South Norwalk. “At this particular moment, the general consensus is that there is a high degree of probability that the fatal blow suffered by Officer Morelli was self inflicted,” Norwalk Police Chief Harry Rilling said yesterday afternoon at a press conference at Norwalk Police headquarters. “Having said that, we are not at a point where we can make a 100-percent conclusion in that regard. There are a still a few things that need to happen to get to that point.”

Rilling said his department will do “everything possible to bring this to some sort of conclusion one way or another” because it is owed to Officer Morelli, his family and the City of Norwalk.

Rilling refused to comment on several questions asked concerning the circumstances of Morelli’s death, including how many gunshots were fired or the content of the second radio transmission from Morelli. He said police considered suicide a possibility by Friday afternoon and that an AK-47 was found at the scene.

“It’s a sad moment for us,” Rilling said. “No matter what the outcome, we’ve lost a

brother.” According to the Norwalk Police Department, Morelli radioed police headquarters at 12:26 a.m. to say he was checking on “suspicious activity” in the parking lot of the Calvin Reformed Church in South Norwalk’s Lubrano Place. Police said he made another call to headquarters and then his radio went dead.

Officers raced to the scene, arriving in about a minute, and found Morelli lying dead on the ground in the parking lot on top of an AK-47 rifle. Immediately, members of the Norwalk, Westchester County, New York City and Westport Police Departments, the State Police’s Major Crime Squad and the FBI embarked upon a thorough investigation and massive manhunt for a possible killer.

His body was sent to the Office of the State Medical Examiner Friday for an autopsy but results would not be available for seven weeks, a spokeswoman for the state’s medical examiner said Monday.

Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia said the City of Norwalk will honor Morelli’s passing with a proper burial, including attendance by members of the Marine’s honor guard.

“We want to celebrate the sacrifices he has made over the past few years and that’s what this city will be doing over the past few days,” he said. “He deserves no less.”

Morelli grew up on Wilson Road in Weston with his two older brothers, Daniel and Brian, and his parents, Denis and Roberta, who still live there. Morelli was a member of the Weston Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Services Departments and served four years in the Marines, including a tour in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, before joining the Norwalk Police Department in 1996.

John Troxwell, Weston’s chief of police, said he remembers when Morelli, whom he met almost 30 years ago through his brothers, asked him for advice on becoming a police officer.”We responded to the needs of the family by keeping the press away from their home and protecting their privacy,” he said.

Morelli leaves behind an ex-wife and a 6-year-old daughter named Sydney Anne, both of whom live in Australia.

Westport Chief Al Fiore said his department sent two officers to Norwalk to help with the manhunt.
the family requests that donations be sent to the Sydney Anne Morelli Trust Fund, c/o Fitzmaurice & Siegel, 1281 E. Main St., Stamford, CT 06902.

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